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Vehicle Repairs & Maintenance

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Why choose AMS Autocare?

AMS Autocare Ltd – Professional car repairs in Northampton. A local car repairs garage you can rely on. We are experienced mechanics and we fix your car fast and reliable. If you require assistance on your vehicle repairs just give us a call, we are here to help you.

Auto Care Services

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Cover all aspects of auto care

Whether its the time for servicing your car or re-gas you air-con, or perhaps you are a bit worried about the noise your exhaust is making. Here at AMS Autocare, we can assist you with all your vehicle repairs and maintenance needs. To find out more, simply give us a call.

Other services

AMS Autocare Ltd is pround to offer quality auto-care services within Northampton and nearby areas. We strive for long term relationships with our customers and each job we completed is with care and to the highest standard. We hope that our customers feedback has shown you that we are a good garage and we are here for the long term. Please feel free to contact us on 01604 648611 for your enquiry, or just pop in to our garage located in Moulton Park if you would like to ask for advice in person.

Engine diagnostics

If you have a warning light flashes up on your dashboard, our specialist vehicle diagnostic equipment can help you identify the problem before any seriuos damage accurs.

Air-con service

We cover all aspects of vehicle air-conditioning. We recommend having your vehicle air-conditioning system serviced every two year to keep it running efficiently. Call us for more information.


Having issue with your car battery? Our qualified technicians can check your battery issue quickly and give you advice on which car battery would suit your needs and budget. Get a quote today!


If you feel your car is pulling to the side when breaking or hear rattling suspension with bouncy ride, you should book your car in for a health check on your break and suspension.


The exhaust system is vital to reduce the toxic fumes produce from the vehicle, a damage exhaust system may put you and your passengers at risk. We offer a wide range of exhausts to suit every budget.


When your car is making squeaking sounds, sticky brakes and other unusual movement, this is the time to have your brakes and the components checked in your local garage.

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